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Black Box African Gourmet Coffee Gift Set

Black Box African Gourmet Coffee Gift Set

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Black Box Coffee
Coffee Mug

Black Box African Gourmet Coffee Gift set

Create your gift box from the items below.

Your Gift set includes:

Black Box  roast gourmet coffee (whole bean) Net Wt 8 Oz

1.Black Box Rwanda Maraba medium roast gourmet coffee

2.Black Box Tanzania Peaberry medium roast gourmet coffee

3.Black Box Ethiopian Yirgacheffe medium roast gourmet coffee

4.Black Box Ethiopian Harrar medium roast gourmet coffee

5.Black Box Kenyan AA medium roast gourmet coffee

Your choice of Sweeteners

1. 8 oz Organic Fair Trade Sugar

2. 8 oz Organic Coconut Sugar

Ceramic Coffee Mug

We have several mugs to choose from.

1.100% Natural coffee mug

2. Wakanda coffee mug

3. A Family is like a Forest coffee mug

4. Chiwara coffee mug

Your Gift set comes with our exclusive Black Box Tote bag

ONLY $29.99

The Black Box collectors mug is sold separately!

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