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In October of 2020, Fred Ford Jr created the world's first African based combat sports apparel and equipment brand to help support the rise of African combat sports. Since then, he has gone on to personally finance and with the help of executive director Hero Samson develop the #1 grassroots combat sports organization in Nigeria. Africa Top Team Nigeria! He has also financed the development of the International Heroes institute of Mixed martial Arts Aka: The Heroes Gym. The headquarters and training facility for Africa Top Team Nigeria.

Over the past 3 years, Africa Top Team Nigeria has become the most complete combat sport organization in Nigeria. Consisting of establishing a comprehensive MMA training program, a robust affiliate network of gyms coaches and fighters, a hugely succesful training event, known as the national combat sports training camp. A nationally recognized amateur competition event known as The Heroes of Combat Sports and also the training and equipment distribution company known as MartialXChange Nigeria. 

Perhaps the greatest achievement to date, has been facilitating the signing of two of our 19 yr old fighters to the AKO Championships. This organization is owned by former UFC champion and Nigerian legend, Kamaru Usman and is one of the highest profile fight organizations in Africa! 

With the meteoric rise and success of Africa Top Team Nigeria, many other countries in Africa are clamoring to duplicate the success achieved in Nigeria. In response, Africa Top Team is developing similar organizations in Cameroon, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, Congo, DRC, Togo, Benin, Mali, Ivory Coast and the USA. This includes world class training facilities in Tennessee and Rochester, NY.

This is a monumental undertaking and requires an enormous amount of resources, time and planning. 

We are now launching our official webstore to help support the expansion of our initiative.

Proceeds from sales of Africa Top Team equipment will go towards the continuing development of Africa Top Teams in Africa and across the entire African diaspora.







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