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Black Box Rwanda Maraba medium roast gourmet coffee (whole bean) Net Wt 8 Oz

Black Box Rwanda Maraba medium roast gourmet coffee (whole bean) Net Wt 8 Oz

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The little coffee that could! Everyone knows the history of the Rwandan genocide of 1994. However, few people know of the long recovery that the Rwandan people have faced since those tragic events. One of the shining examples of Rwandan resourcefulness has been Maraba coffee. From it's humble beginnings as a below  grade C coffee, plagued by development and processing issues, Rwandan coffee has endured the long road to legitimacy with hard work and a national commitment to excellence. When we say that coffee is providing a path to redemption for Rwanda, we’re serious. Rwandans are surprising everyone as a producer of great coffee from literally nothing, to remarkably delicious specialty coffee today.

Grown in the rich volcanic soils on the high-altitude hills of Maraba, The beans are handpicked, mostly during the rainy season between March and May, and brought to a washing station in Maraba, where the coffee beans are extracted and dried. The beans are then medium roasted to perfection, packaged an delivered to you for your enjoyment! 

Look for more great African gourmet coffees coming from Black Box Trading! 

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