Hibis Drinks. The Original African Healthy tea!

Hibis Drinks. The Original African Healthy tea!




This traditional tea is brewed from the West African hibiscus plant, scientific name Hibiscus sabdariffa, which produces beautiful crimson-colored flowers. The flowers create a potent, deep-red tea with a taste that is both sweet and tangy.


As a child , I grew up drinking hibiscus tea everyday. My mother used to make it every day because of its wonderful benefits. The tasty tea kept us all healthy and full of life. We looked forward to drinking it through the seasons.


In my culture we had a saying about this wonderful tea.


We said" It gives you blood!"

This simply means it helps purify and strengthen your blood!

I created the functional beverage brand “Hibis” based on my mother’s traditional hibiscus tea recipes. The tea comes in two flavors for now and three sweetness levels: unsweetened, sweet and extra sweet. Hibis Tea is only sweetened with raw, organic cane sugar and contains no artificial colors or flavors.

My goal is to bring to market an exciting new beverage line based on timeless recipes from the African countryside.

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